10 Habits of a Bookworm (aka me)

Hello, little things from the Internet, that decided to stop by! 
Today's topic is basically me telling you about my bookish habits. Not all of them are habits exactly, some maybe kind of problems that I have but you get what I want to say. 
So let's start, shall we?! 

1. Reading at least three books at the same time. 

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Yeah, I know some of you would think that is hard to keep up with so many storylines but at the end of the day, I'm feeling alright. Or at least that is what I'm telling myself. Shhh. 
If I read only one book at a time I'd go crazy because sometimes I'm getting tired of the same old thing that goes around in the story, ergo try to read TMI without break and without anything else in between. As much as I like Cassandra Clare's writing and all the feels that she puts into her books, I need something different than Clary's "smart" decisions and wonderings. 
So as for this moment, I'm currently reading three books and couldn't feel better. 

2. I don't know how to order my books on the shelf.  

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Yes, you've read that right! Look just because I appreciate books and devouring them doesn't mean that I know how to put them in order on my shelf. Do you know how long my favorite series hasn't seen light? Too much, but now it's in a better place. Or I think so. I don't know how to order them: by an author is too boring, in alphabetical order - I don't have that time. Now on each shelf is a randomness that will make you almost cringe. 

3. If a book series is fully published, I'll read every single one of them one after the other. 

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I don't want to test my memory on what's happened until now. I want the story to fully reveal to me as fast as it can. I know that I won't remember half of the things that happened before and neither have the time for a reread when there are so many other books that are waiting. It's good that books don't have eyes or can kill people when they're not read at a particular time. So many angry looks and I'll be afraid for my life. 
Unfortunately, some of the series I'm obsessed with right now still have books to come out. And then it's time to play one of my favorite games - I know what happened in one before you. Would be good if I remember new character's name. 

4. Library books before the ones you own. Let them lay down calmly on your shelf. 
All of the bookworms have the same problem - our tbr is too big and it get's only bigger, and threatens to fall upon us someday. Keep an eye on it, just in case! 
A good way to make it shorter is to read books from it and that you bought not going on random walks to the library to get some books. It's not cool but at the same time is so fun to do. I'm guilty of that. Cannot stop me from going to the library and not get out with at least five books in my bag.

5. Reading. 

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Fantasy is my favorite genre ever! And most of the books I own (98%) are from this genre. The other 2% are just deals that I couldn't refuse. So right now I'm only reading that kind of books. Tried to spice up things a little bit with a contemporary but it didn't go well. There will be a time that I'll move to the other genre but now it's not that time. 

6. Find the most sarcastic character in a book and love him. (dark hair and blue eyes it's a plus when it's a male)

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Don't look at me like that. I know you do it too. It's a must to go for that one. And if you don't there's probably something wrong with you! Even if he's not sassy all the time, he is still the one. I'm not talking about male characters only. There are some females that are as good as the males. Sometimes even better. But yeah, there is something about those characters that makes you wish for them to be real. 

7. "Try not to buy a book for its cover!", "Try not to ..", Öh well, here we go again" #fail
How do you keep yourself from doing that, seriously? And I'm not talking about that the cover has to shine in the dark or have the Sun reflection on it but some covers are just made for that. Make you buy the books even though it's completely different than your comfort zone. People say don't judge a book by its cover, well, my friends there are people that are doing the complete opposite of that. And most of them are bookworms. #aesthetic 

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8. Cannot stay away from book deals. 
Arghhh, that's the hardest thing of ever and not only when there are books on sale, but for almost everything else. You have to be some kind of a rare creature or keep your eyes shut to not put items in the bag. Because you don't know if the same deals will happen again in the future, and now you have your favorite book in the edition you want for less. Or the box set looks so cool, imagine it on your bookshelf. What if you already have read the books and have them. A new set of them won't hurt. Not you obviously, but your card. 

9. I can read almost everywhere. 
All I need is a place to sit comfortably and to be warm, anything else is not a problem. Unless people decide to make a talk in a high pitch voice. I'm fine with everything. Have read on a public transport, lectures, on a family gathering, etc. 

10. FOOD. 
I was saving it for last. Food is a really important thing in my life. Firstly, I was afraid to eat while reading because I felt like I'll destroy the book by accident. But not anymore. Only small snacks are permitted to get close to my books and water, nothing else. And you have to wash your hands before touching a book, okay?! 

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Now I'm starting to paying more attention to the food in the books as well. So rude that in most of them, characters are really busy saving their lives or getting in trouble, and forget to eat. Hello,! I'm not reading only because of the adventure I want to know the favorite food of the characters, if they are better in the kitchen than me, what's the traditional food. 

Well, that's all from for today. Thank you for reading all of it! :)

What are some of your habits? 
How you order the books on your bookshelves? 


  1. I relate to SO many of these.😂😂 Like my TBR is at an insanely monstrous level, but yet I'll still be here devouring library books?!? I have no priorities.😂 And I love eating (haha I mean obviously) but am scared to read + eat in case I ruin the book. And who can resist a book sale? pFft.😂

    1. I cannot resist any sale in particular :D it might be a problem hehehehe. I understand you completely. Thank you for stopping by :)


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